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As a fiction editor with a focus on both content and copy, it’s my job to ensure both your story and your words are the best they can be. Beginning with the content edit, I’ll help you spot plot holes, character inconsistencies, pacing issues, and any number of other common or not-so-common challenges fiction writers face. During the line edit, I’ll go through your work with a magnifying glass, focusing on style, syntax, and writing flow. Throughout the process, I’ll be a reliable, supportive member of your writing team – someone committed to ensuring your novel is everything you always knew it could be.  

Developmental Editing

You have an outline, and maybe even a few finished chapters. Now what? As your developmental editor, I’ll help you create a structure and writing schedule that will ensure you get the novel locked inside your head onto the page.

Beta Reading

Congratulations – you have a finished draft of your novel! As your beta reader, I’ll go through the novel and hone in on problem areas relating to big-picture issues like plot holes, character inconsistencies, and thematic elements.

Content Editing

Your novel is complete, and other readers have gone through to detect any major trouble spots. Now, during the content edit, I’ll take a closer look at every aspect of your story to make sure all is perfect before moving on to the final editing phase.


Line Editing

Going line by line to examine syntax, sentence structure, and the novel as a living, breathing work of words, I’ll help you to refine your book until it is everything you always knew it could be.

Published Novel Evaluation

Have a novel that’s been published, but just isn’t getting the traction you think it deserves? Hire a professional to evaluate your book and all its parts – cover, content, sales blurb, and marketing material – to identify trouble spots and determine how to remedy them. 

Full Editing Package

Looking for a full-service editor who can work with you from first concept to the end stages before publication or submission to agents and traditional publishers? The full editing package is for you. 


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Tighten Your Story

I’ve spent my career dissecting the workings of the plot-driven novel. As an undergraduate in Creative Writing at Goddard College, I created a complex algorithm to track the pacing and rhythm of the plot-driven novel, and my focus in graduate school was Popular Fiction. I have written eight bestselling mystery novels, and have worked with dozens of bestselling novelists on their own work. As someone with a demonstrated understanding of the intricacies of genre fiction, I’ll help to ensure the action in your novel propels the story forward and keeps the reader turning pages until the very end.

Improve Characterization

As far as I’m concerned, the best plot-driven fiction out there isn’t worth the paper it’s written on without dynamic characters. I’ve led workshops, written articles, and even created a 5-day fiction writing course devoted to the topic of characterization. I’ll help you develop a character arc for either a stand-alone novel or a series, and ensure that the individuals who inhabit your books are believable, consistent, and dynamic enough to keep your readers glued to the page.

Work With an Industry Leader

As the USA Today-bestselling author and independent publisher of the Erin Solomon mysteries and the Flint K-9 Search and Rescue mysteries, I’ve experienced every aspect of the business of writing and publishing firsthand. Beyond that personal experience, I’ve worked with independent and traditionally published authors for the past ten years to assist them in creating bestselling, critically acclaimed, and award-winning plot-driven novels. By hiring Jen Blood Editing, you’re getting not only an experienced editor, but an industry leader committed to helping you achieve your writing and publishing dreams. 

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

“Jen is patient, precise, and a joy to work with. She smoothed the whole publishing process for me, and I highly recommend her.”

Lea Wait, USA Today-bestselling author of the Mainely Needlepoint Mysteries

Jen Blood is a fantastic editor, combining a talent for encouraging the best in the story, as well as an excruciating attention to detail, which is exactly what an author needs! I will definitely be using Jen for more of my books. She's brilliant!

JF Penn, New York Times and USA Today-bestselling author of the ARKANE Thrillers and the London Mysteries

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