As both a successful writer and veteran editor, I am passionate about how a story unfolds, including key elements like character arc, pacing, theme, and plot. Using techniques I have honed over a decade and a half of professional editing, I’ll go through your manuscript from start to finish and lay out exactly where the action may lag, character motives become unclear, or your story suffers from plot holes or other inconsistencies.

What I Do

Structural Editing

You have an outline for your novel, and a partially finished draft you don’t really know what to do with. What you need now is someone who knows story, who can come in and provide feedback on what’s working, what’s missing, and how to complete your novel and get it out into the world. That’s where I come in. Upon completion of my edit, I’ll provide you with the roadmap you need to move forward with confidence. Includes chapter-by-chapter analysis, elemental summary, revision roadmap, and two Skype conferences (up to one hour each), as well as unlimited email correspondence.

Rate: Based on project length. Quote provided following initial consultation.

Beta Reading

You have a completed manuscript. You could send it to friends and fellow writers – in fact, you should do exactly that. But, you should also consider bringing in an informed professional at this stage of the process. As your beta reader, I’ll provide you with a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter analysis and elemental summary that will give you the information you need to dive into revisions with confidence before putting your novel out into the world.

Rate: $10/1,000 words

Content Editing

A content editor typically comes into play after the developmental edit and beta read, when your novel is as complete as you can make it without a knowledgeable third party to look at things objectively. In the content edit, you’ll receive the chapter-by-chapter analysis, elemental summary, editing notes within the manuscript itself, and information on what your copy editor (the next professional to engage in the process) should be on the lookout for when they begin their edit.

Rate: $20/1,000 words


Line Editing

Going line by line to examine syntax, sentence structure, and the novel as a living, breathing work of words, I’ll help you refine your book until you’re confident that it’s everything you always knew it could be. Includes style sheet, sales blurb consult, and publishing roadmap for those planning to self-publish. 

Rate: $15 – $25/1,000 words, depending on the depth of edit required. 

Full Editing Package

Includes content and line edit, for those who prefer to work with one editor throughout the process. Entire process includes two revisions, chapter-by-chapter analysis, elemental summary, revision roadmap, and style sheet.

Rate: $30 – $40/1,000 words, depending on the depth of edit required.

Published Novel Evaluation

For authors who have a published novel out there, but aren’t satisfied with sales and/or reviews. I’ll go through and look at your cover, content, marketing materials, and author presence, and provide a detailed evaluation with recommendations for what might be changed going forward. If further editing of the novel is recommended, includes 10% discount if you choose to use me for those services. 

Rate: $10/1,000 words


Over the course of the years working as an editor, I’ve developed a system for identifying problem areas in a manuscript, particularly with respect to character arc, plot development, and pacing issues. This begins with the chapter-by-chapter analysis. In the analysis, I summarize each chapter and then home in on issues, questions, or potential challenges as the manuscript is unfolding. The chapter-by-chapter analysis is included with beta reads, structural edits, content edits, and the full editing package. 


pacing breakdown

As an undergrad at Goddard College, my senior thesis was on the structure of plot-driven fiction – specifically mysteries and thrillers. I developed a formula for tracking the pacing within a novel based on character interaction, action beats, and major plot points, and rated ten bestselling novels page by page following that formula, to enhance my understanding of how to pace a successful plot-driven novel. Today, I use that thesis as a guide to track the pacing of my clients’ novels and identify areas where action may be lagging. 


Elemental summary

Accompanying the chapter-by-chapter analysis and pacing breakdown, you’ll receive a summary of your treatment of the major components of your novel. This includes Character, Pacing, Plot, Structure, and Theme, and breaks things down so that you have a clear idea of where issues lie and what might be done to successfully move forward. The Elemental Summary is included with beta reads, structural edits, content edits, and the full editing package. 


Revision Roadmap

At the end of your edit, when you have a manuscript marked in red and a pile of notes in front of you, what you really need is a roadmap to get you to your final destination: a completed novel. I’ll provide you with that roadmap, giving you a checklist of next steps to help you complete your revision and work with an editor – either me or someone else – for the next stage of the writing process. The Revision Roadmap is included with every package I offer, from the beta read to my published novel evaluation. 


Style sheet

Consistency in any novel or novel series is imperative for readers. To ensure that your novel maintains that level of consistency, I’ll provide you with a style sheet that summarizes your spelling choices for key words as well as character and place names, punctuation preferences, and capitalization standards. I’ll retain a copy of the style sheet to use with future novels to ensure your books are consistent, and will also provide the style sheet to your proofreader to avoid any confusion when you move to the final stage in the writing process. The Style Sheet is included with copy edits and the full editing package. 


publishing blueprint

If you plan to self-publish your work, you’ll be provided with a publishing blueprint upon completion of a copy edit or the full editing package. As a self-published author of eight bestselling novels myself, I’m well acquainted with the intricacies of being your own publisher. You’ll be provided with a list of reference material, resources, and a checklist of next steps, as well as a consultation on your sales blurb, to give you the blueprint you need to succeed as a self-published author.


“Jen is patient, precise, and a joy to work with. She smoothed the whole publishing process for me, and I highly recommend her.”

Lea Wait, USA Today-bestselling author of the Mainely Needlepoint Mysteries 

"Jen Blood is a fantastic editor, combining a talent for encouraging the best in the story, as well as an excruciating attention to detail, which is exactly what an author needs! I will definitely be using Jen for more of my books. She's brilliant!"

JF Penn, USA Today & New York Times-bestselling author

I’m ready when you are! Let’s finish the novel of your dreams.